Some things are just not about you

There are some things that are beyond your control. You might not get the job or win your true love or make the sale…and it might just have nothing at all to do with you. No use gnawing on the bone – get back out there and try again.

My daughters love to perform. They both dance. They both sing. They both ham it up. And they have been through several auditions for TV, movies and educational videos. So far, none of the auditions have made them into superstars. In fact, there has not been a single call-back.

In some cases, I can guess what might have been the reason. There are often numerous factors that are stated in the call for auditions, and often one of my daughters meets most of those, but not all. In some cases, the requirements seem contradictory (like when they asked for a girl of about nine years old for a role that was stated as sixth grade (typically, eleven years old).

In other cases, I have no idea why my daughters were not chosen, and I will never know. The casting directory might have had in mind someone with darker hair. Or lighter. Someone shorter or taller, thinner or plumper, more confident or shyer…who knows? Maybe it’s the audition process itself.

Who gets cast in Barney?

Have you ever noticed the one thing that almost all the children on Barney and Friends have in common? Sure, they are all cute. But what specific cute trait do they all have in common?

Toothy grins
They all have big, toothy grins. If you know the show, you know there is no point auditioning if your smile isn’t 90 percent teeth. But if you didn’t know the show, you would have no idea that you never qualified in the first place.

Tweet this quote: “When you get passed over, it might have nothing to do with you.”

So it is for a new show or a movie – we have no idea what unspoken factor the casting director has in mind. When you don’t make the audition, it does not mean you are a poor actor. It might have absolutely nothing to do with you.

If you don’t get the job, it might just have been chemistry. Or it might be that someone who is the perfect fit also interviewed.  Or the interviewer might have been distracted at the time of the interview.

You just have to brush it off.  Somebody else got the job, or they decided not to fill the position.  That is not a judgment of your skills or talent, nor a dismissal of your worth.  It is simply a sign that says you should look elsewhere.

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What Can Snatch Away the Job Opportunity from You

In today’s competitive world, gaining your dream job is a greatest thing to achieve. Employers often prefer recruiting candidates who are perfect in each and every thing they do. Thus, the only way to impress and realize the employers that your are the appropriate candidate is to draft an effective and error free resume. Any small mistake in your resume can create a severe drawback and decrease your chances of getting selected. Apart from resume mistakes, candidates are unaware of many other reasons that snatch away their job opportunities. Following are some of the common mistakes made by applicants while applying for a job or going for an interview.

  • Your Social Media Profile: After going through an impressive resume, employers now-a-days go through the candidate’s social media profiles to gain some additional knowledge about the applicant. Thus, make sure you keep your social media profile clean to ensure it doesn’t become a reason for your rejection. Avoid uploading any photos, videos, or information that can snatch away a precious job opportunity from you.
  • Irrelevant Information in Resume: Your resume is the first impression of you in front of the employer. Thus, make sure you draft an effective and error free resume. Your resume must include all the essential information relevant to the applied job position. All the important segments in your resume such as the career objectives, key skills, and experience must provide adequate information to the employer that will help them in judging your eligibility for the applied job position. Including any irrelevant information in your resume will create a bad impression of you making an employer realize that you are unaware of the job profile and are inappropriate candidate for that particular job.
  • Fake Information: Candidates often include fake information in their resume in order to impress the employer and gain their dream job. However, applicants must understand that each and every information in your resume is verified by the employer before they actually call you for the interview. Thus, any fake information in your resume can definitely snatch away a good job opportunity from you.
  • Inappropriate Dress Code: This is another common reason for rejection among the candidates. Many a times, applicants are unaware of the dress code for the interviews and end up wearing casuals. Your dress code is your first impression on the employer when you go for an interview. Thus, an applicant must be well dressed in formal shirt, trouser, and shoes. Wearing a tie would definitely add more effect on your personality.

The above points well help you understand some of the common mistakes made by applicants while applying for a job. Your career is the most important thing in your life. Thus, avoid making any mistakes that would snatch any good job opportunities from you and restrict you from building a bright career.


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Just who are you anyway?

What do you rely on for your happiness?

Do you make your own happiness? Or do you wait for it to come to you?

Do you create your own future? Or do you rely on tarot readings an fortune tellers?

Do you blaze your own path? Or do you follow people around you?

Do you work alone? Or do you prefer to run with the crowd?

These are not right and wrong answer questions. These are questions about who you are. Knowing who you are is important for making decisions in your life.

No matter how much you might fall in love with somebody because you share interests or because you like how they look or talk or smell, if you want to build a lifetime together, the person had better be compatible at a much more fundamental level.

Your next job might seem like fun because of the subject matter. Or the pay. Or because of location, or the company’s reputation. But if your position is not compatible with your personality, you will neither excel at you job nor enjoy it very much. It is one of the great urban legends that if somebody is a good vice president, they should be promoted to president. It takes a totally different personality to excel at being number one than at being number two.

You don’t have to be psychic to find your ideal place in the world. But you do have to know yourself.

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