DIY natural hygiene products you can make at home

Part of keeping happy and healthy is keeping clean. And hygiene is so easy to do without buying “products”. Here are seven do-it-yourself (DIY) natural hygiene products you can make at home.

There is a reason life expectancy is so much higher than it was just a few hundred years ago. It’s all about hygiene. Kill the germs. Fumigate the bacteria. Crush those viruses.

Gone are the days when foreplay was all about picking gnats out of your partner’s hair. [Read more…]

Let’s end disposable plastic containers in Canada

Plastic can be useful. Disposable plastic is almost always wasteful. Canadians, it’s your turn to make a difference and put an end to disposable, single-use plastics in Canada.

The government of Canada has proposed to end some disposable plastics, and it wants to know what you think. Do you think it wants to ban too many types of disposable plastic, or do you think it should ban even more?

To be honest, the government is proposing to ban more types of single-use plastic items than I expected. But the list falls far short of what could be done, and some of the most wasteful and easiest to ban disposable plastics did not make the list.

This is where you can help. [Read more…]

Top 10 bad products we buy that are destroying our planet

Everything we buy has an impact on the environment. But some things bring us little value, even if they are “convenient”…and some of those are pure waste! So why buy them in the first place?

Sometimes we struggle between the pursuit of convenience and the need to protect the environment. But what we carelessly call “the environment” is our life support system. So, it’s important to to keep convenience in perspective.

Would you pee in the swimming pool, just because it’s convenient?

Don’t answer that. [Read more…]