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The Happy Guy is David Leonhardt. If you don’t want to read the story of how that happened to him, please skip to the next section.

Climb Your Stairway to HeavenDavid had just written is book, Climb Your Stairway to Heaven: the nine habits of maximum happiness. He had ambitions to become a motivational speaker, and he was attending networking meetings to try to land gigs.

David LeonhardtIt just so happened that, as a result of his networking, he was approached to write a column in an upcoming magazine (that never got off the ground, unfortunately), and the column was to be called “The Happy Guy”.

One fateful day, he attended a networking meeting, and introduced himself as “David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy”. After the meeting, several people recalled his name…”The Happy Guy”. Nobody remembered that he was also “David Leonhardt”. Two hours later, www.TheHappyGuy.com was registered.

The Happy Guy Dot Com

This website has undergone many changes since then. These days, we write about living “the good life”. This means…

  • Being happy, self-fulfilled, at peace with oneself and the world around.
  • Protecting and enhancing one’s health.
  • Efficiently using one’s monetary resources.
  • Other stuff that might be fun or that we just want to share.

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