PR Friendly

This is The Happy Guy, both a person and a place who believes that “the good life” is not about money, but rather about how you enjoy your life.  If you want to reach out to people who want more from life, who want more for their money, who want more health, who want more smiles, we want to hear from you.

First, here are some key stats that might interest you…

THG traffic stats

THG traffic stats

Product Reviews

We are happy to review products that are related to fitness and nutrition, saving money or self-improvement.  This is not a blog about families, but we do keep things family-friendly.  If you are interested in having us review your product or service, please keep these things in mind.

  • We reserve complete discretion whether to review or not.
  • If we accept to review, we will not lie to our readers – so make sure your product is actually good.
  • If you wish, we can run a contest or do giveaways.  The more fun, the more creative, the better.
  • If we see that a review will be decidedly negative, we will contact you.  Your review fee is not refundable, but we will withhold publishing the review if you wish.
  • We will promote the review in social media – we love doing that!

Sponsored guest posts

We are happy to accept quality sponsored guest posts that fit into the themes of this website, with unique ideas and approaches.  If your idea of “unique” is that it can pass CopyScape…don’t even bother contacting us.  Here is a good summary of what we mean by a unique blog post.

Here are some examples of quality posts:

The Frugal Shopper’s Guide to Protein.

Tiger and the Three Pigs.

Make sure your content is related to our blog.  It is highly recommended that you run the titles and/or the gist of the proposed post by us before you take the time to write it.

We will, of course, promote the review in social media.  If it’s good enough for us to publish, it’s good enough for us to promote.


We are happy to consider your advertising proposals.  Make sure you are advertising something family-friendly that would  be of interest to our readers.  We are not interested in any affiliate proposals or per-click proposals.


Let’s get one thing straight – if you’re a penny pincher, don’t waste either of our time.  We follow pretty much the going rate for personal finance blogs.  If you want to haggle over pennies, there is a scene in Life Of Brian that you might find instructive.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for rates.