Define Success

Quick! What do happiness and success have in common?

Both are a matter of perspective. This point was driven home to me in an article I read in “The Toastmaster” magazine. A teenager sat next to Albert Einstein at a public gathering. The teenager asked Einstein what he did for a living. He replied that he studied physics.

The astonished teenager said, “At your age! I finished physics two years ago!”

Think about what you do for a living, for hobbies, for your family, etc. How do you describe what you do? More important, how does your own description about it make you feel? If your description does not sound like you are a success, maybe it is time to find a new description.

Why not share this thought with some of your close friends? You could have fun brainstorming together about how to redefine your job or your role as a parent, coach, worshiper, goddess, explorer or whatever else you might happen to be.


  1. Interesting article. There are so many people who let themselves down by how they describe their work. Most importantly by stopping themselves from feeling inspired by what they do, and seocndly by describing it so unclearly that it puts people off connecting with them.

    More play needed in this area. Let’s explore some more inspiring ways of describing ourselves.

    Of course when trying describe what we do we find no desciption really inspires in which case it’s probably time we change what we do. This is what I’m working through at the moment

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