Limerick – Happy Parents

This one is for all the parents and soon-to-be parents reading.  If you don’t already have a sense of humor, now is a good time to get one.  You’re going to need it.

Parenting is pure happiness.
Full of mumminess and pappiness
You jump for joy
When you hear “It’s a boy”
And the room is filled with clappiness

But one thing leads to another, and the story continues a few years down the road…

Before long I’m willing to wager
You’re living with a teenager
You pray for the day
That he moves away
To study full time or his major

Feel free to add your own limericks to complete the story or to add a fresh perspective (one can never have too many limericks, can one?).  Let’s see how creative you can be.  After all, what follows are sleepless nights, first steps, birthday parties, ballet lessons and hockey games… all the way until those days when you find yourself in the empty nest.


  1. There once was a couple Best
    Who wanted a new house guest
    They had a son
    There world was undone
    For now they can get no more rest!

  2. Happiness is my high.
    Happiness feels great inside.

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