Collectibles as an investment

What’s the big deal with collectibles? Well, they sometimes make a great investment.

Around here, “collectibles” can mean almost anything. Things just seem to collect, as I wrote about in Huffington Post.  Some is on purpose. For instance, all the snow globes my older daughter collects.  And the theatre programs.  And the books.  And the DVDs (possibly the world’s largest collection!). [Read more…]

Four unscheduled ways to earn extra income

There are ways to make extra money without spending a lot more time. here are a few of them.

Chances are you hold a “nine to five” job even if the hours aren’t exactly nine to five. Five days a week or more, there’s a workplace you go to spend eight or more hours of your life. It’s the time-tested way to make a living and just about everyone has to participate, one way or another. Even the bosses.

Folks in need of extra money, but already devoted to a traditional full-time job, often feel like they’re in a tight spot. Two schedules add up to practically zero time available for personal errands, family obligations, and relaxation. [Read more…]

Are stocks really too risky for seniors?

The older you are, the less risk you should have in your financial portfolio. Does that mean that stocks are too risky for seniors?

My brothers and I were recently at a meeting to help my mother manage some of her finances. She sold her house and needed to put her money into something low risk.  As with most people of her age and even a couple decades younger, she has a high aversion for risk. [Read more…]