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Chantalyne sings at the Preston Street Farmer’s Market [video]
Chantalyne "practiced" a few songs at the new Preston Farmer's Market.  She was one of five student[more]
Lifestyle Carnival – Happy Relaunch Edition
Welcome to the 50th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival.  This is the Happy Relaunch Edition, because[more]
Time to say goodbye
A little opera-like music from Chantalyne to warm a February evening. [more]
End of the world – (Wordless Wednesday)
December 21 is the end of the world, so say many. And what an excellent day to end it all on. In ord[more]
Bob Ross was known for his "Happy Little Clouds". But does anybody recall him singing them? [more]
This Blog Post Is Fun!
Fun builds a community and lets people relate to each other beyond just the parameters of the group'[more]
Proud to Be a Grinch [humour alert]
It was my first meeting of "GA". This is not AA (Alchoholics Anonymous). It is not even AAA (America[more]
I Am A Good Luck Charm
I'll bet you think this is a motivational post where I tell you that each of us is a good luck charm[more]
Funny Stories of Humor and Satire
Welcome to my Humor and Satire Collection: articles that are supposed to be funny.Your challenge i[more]