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A Quick Guide to Happiness
To acquire happiness you don’t have to do anything, because happiness cannot be acquired. Does an[more]
How Does Feng Shui Work?
Feng Shui, in so far as it is used today, is used for two purposes. First it is used, as it was in a[more]
The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life is about resiliency. One of the most consistent characteristics of p[more]
Book review: The Little Red Book of Wisdom
Meredith Healey reviews The Little Red Book of Wisdom, a Christian self-help book for leaders. [more]
No Regrets on your Death-Bed
I (guest blogger Delcan) was just thinking earlier (it happens sometimes) about lying on my death be[more]
No matter what I’m spending my time doing, I have learned through many, many choices that I also h[more]
The first step to being a good leader is exploration: take the time to observe, and ask more questio[more]
Declan O Flaherty has been a Personal Development enthusiast for over 15 years now and within that [more]
Put On a Happy Face:  Partner Dance for a Happier You
No matter what style you ultimately decide upon, partner dance will improve your outlook on life, yo[more]