5 Tips for a Happy Mind-Set

I have been a Personal Development enthusiast for over 15 years now and within that time I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I would like to share with you 5 Tips that have kept my mind in great shape over the years. I hope you find them as useful as I have and I sincerely hope you see the value in each of the 5 messages as I am confident they can be life changing.

Ability to Trust Your Potential

We are all unique in our own way, we each view and experience the world through our own lens. Ultimately what this means is that nobody can use your abilities the way you can. This is why it is so important to believe in yourself completely. We can read all the books, gain all the knowledge, mirror others achievements and look to others for guidance, but in the end, there is no other person on this planet who knows how to use your abilities quite like you can. We can no doubt learn from others but it is only when we are truly being ourselves that we become powerful. Trust in your abilities and trust that you are the only person alive who can use those abilities to their fullest potential.

Successful Thoughts

Education is paramount to success (whatever success means to you) but education is not preparation for life itself…life itself is education, and every single day you are being tested by the thoughts you choose to entertain or repeat. The educated mind is the one that can entertain a thought without accepting it. The only thoughts that play a leading role in your life are the ones you choose to accept as true. Negative thoughts, doubtful thoughts and any thoughts that limit your growth have no place in your mind, so it’s your job as the governor of your mind to banish these useless thoughts from the community you rule inside your head. Your thoughts only have the power you give to them.


Happiness is an incidental happening when you are in harmony with life itself. It is something you become aware of whilst pursuing other things instead of pursuing happiness itself. Happiness will not stand still long enough for you to reach its destination. It will always be an elusive pursuit if you are looking to acquire its presence, it will always be the goal or project you cannot complete, it will always be hidden from you in plain sight, and it will always be lying on the grass on the other side of the fence if you believe the grass you lay on is not as bright, vivid, brilliant or intense. Happiness is the thing you can never enjoy or appreciate if you think you have found it, because happiness is not anything you can find, it is a thing that finds you. May your happiness find you well, and may your happiness find you living in peace and harmony, dancing in the rain and sailing within the stormy seas of life itself.

What’s important to you?

Okay…you’re lying on your death-bed, you have a couple of minutes left to live. How many of the things in your life that made you worry, made you stressed, made you angry, made your life unpleasant…really bloody matter? I would imagine that very little of most of the stuff we place significance on in our lives in this present moment will matter too much at all. There are only a few things in your life that are truly important, Stop fussing over non trivial matters and start focusing on what’s really important to you.

An Optimists view

How often do we react in a negative way to life’s obstacles even though they are an integral part of life. It’s not as if we expect everything to go smoothly for us all the time. Besides, a life without problems would not be as fruitful. We can appreciate the good times only through contrast with the bad. Take a step back and see that whenever a bad situation arises there is always an equally good seed hidden within. You can always learn something valuable from life’s problems if you detach yourself from the negative and focus on the lesson you can take away. Realize that life is exactly what it is meant to be. There’s no good or bad, there’s just lessons to be learned. Obstacles encountered on your journey through life are opportunities for you to grow.

Well, there we have it, 5 lessons that can transform your perception and help create a mindset capable of achieving what you know you undoubtedly deserve. Remember, thoughts that do not help you grow as an individual are thoughts that have no place in your mind, and you have the power to either entertain these thoughts or dismiss them immediately…it’s your choice…choose wisely.

Authors Bio: Declan O Flaherty has been writing to help inspire change in others for many years now and has recently branched out to writing reviews for baby products such as The First Years Wave Stroller and The First Years jet Stroller.


  1. ” . . . it is so important to believe in yourself completely.”

    That’s how I got in this mess in the first place!

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