What do we own?

Things or experiences? Both are nice to have, but which do you value most?

Nothing is truly yours, except your own experiences.

Out here in farm country, I see a lot of signs that read, “This land is our land; hands off government”.

Of course, I know what they mean, but the fact is that nobody owns the land.  “Ownership” is a fairy tale we tell ourselves so that humans don’t harm each other for use of things.  So “ownership” is a good thing.

But the truth is, nobody owns the land – not a grain of it. When my very short tenure on this planet is through, the land will remain.

If I pass down my land to my daughters, someday they too will go. The land will remain.

We own our experiences.

But our experiences never leave us. War. Floods. The elation of the victory lap. The smell of a skunk panicking under the car in the driveway. Meteor crashes. The loss of a loved one.  The birth of a new loved one. Nothing can take away our experiences. And when we go, we take them with us. We own our experiences.

For my money (Can I call it “my” money?), I would rather have a variety of wonderful experiences that are all mine, than dozens of wonderful things that never will be.

Should I win the lottery, don’t expect to see me driving around town in a Porshe. In fact, don’t expect to see me anywhere that a Porshe can go without the aid of a helicopter.


  1. Actually, David, too many of us even fail to own up to our responsibilities. And, they do travel with us…

    Seriously, though, these are the thoughts that should urn though all of our heads at night when we plant the next day. Recognizing what is truly important and what we can or cannot leave to this world.

  2. David – I think what you mean is that we are stewards of the land. We were given the mission to caretake the land and make it a place where we could bring up family and live sustainably with mother nature and in harmony with all living things. What you do in your life time to enact that mission are the collection of “experiences” that enrich your life and the lives of those around you. The memories last. Blessings, Debby

  3. Own your true self, that what I got from reading Maria Bello’s “Whatever…LoveisLove”. I’m so inspired after reading this and wanted to pass it on. Go pick up a copy!

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