What do we own?

Things or experiences? Both are nice to have, but which do you value most?

Nothing is truly yours, except your own experiences.

Out here in farm country, I see a lot of signs that read, “This land is our land; hands off government”.

Of course, I know what they mean, but the fact is that nobody owns the land.  “Ownership” is a fairy tale we tell ourselves so that humans don’t harm each other for use of things.  So “ownership” is a good thing. [Read more…]

Enough – [Christmas video]

This is my favorite Christmas song, by Alberta country artist Remi Boudreau.

I’ve got enough
I’m completely satisfied
I don’t need stuff
Just this thing that’s true and tried
I don’t need the perfect gift to fit me like a glove
I’ve got enough

Even on an average day, I find that we are surrounded with so many messages that tell us that no matter how much we have, no matter how gluttonous we might become, that we could never have enough.  More.  More.  More.  And those messages only seem to grow in abundance as we get closer to Christmas.

Given that we are full-steam into shopping season, this might help us all to keep it real. Watch and listen to the video, and hopefully it will put you in the Christmas spirit.  In THE Christmas spirit.

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