Happiness book in large print

Large print happiness book coverGood news for those who require large print to read comfortably.  My happiness book is now available in large print through DoctorZed Publishing.  You can get your copy of 9 Habits of Happiness (Large Print) here.

The regular edition of Climb Your Stairway to Heaven: The 9 habits of maximum happiness can still be purchased on Amazon.  Here is the description posted there…

Its a manual: Yes, this is a manual for making your life happier. It offers step-by-step instructions for building a happier life through nine important habits.Its a science class: Here you’ll find all the science of happiness you can use and more.Its a story book: Chock full of entertaining stories, you’ll actually enjoy reading this book. In fact, you may get so lost in the stories that you don’t realize how much you learn.Its a fortune cookie: Its a very BIG fortune cookie, sprinkled with tidbits of wisdom handed down through the ages and some invented just for the occasion. It’s Super Book: Where else can you find such a blend of self-improvement, psychological science, and entertainment, all wrapped up in a giant fortune cookie?

Or you can pick up an autographed copy through me directly (not the large print version, though). Here’s the page.

Montreal Review of Books loves this book:

"His nine habits are achievable. All this is delivered with pop quizzes, stories and quotable quotes. A great spring pick-me-up."

Happiness despite circumstances

Happiness can be found wherever you look for it.  For instance, in the Dancer from Khiva.  This is a Russian book, translated into English, about Bibish, who was kidnapped and driven out to the desert to be gang-raped…and life rolls on from there with all the consequences, such as never being able to be married as a result (but she does).  And never being able to dance because dancing is frowned upon in her village (but you know the title of the book!)

There is a more complete review of the book here, but they message for you today is that we all are driven down the road of circumstance, but we all have the option of turning the steering wheel.  Yes, some things happen that really suck.  It is up to you to decide just how badly they will suck and how happy you will choose to be, despite circumstances.

Remember that you cannot change the things that will happen to you.  But you can change how you react to them and you can change how you choose to view them.