You Suck

…the air out of a room when you make it all about you.

…the life out of everyone around you when you make it all about you.

…the joy out of every endeavor when you make it all about you.

…the lightness out of every quest when you make it all about you.

…the potential out of every business when you make it all about you.

You fill.

…every room,

…every person,

…every endeavor,

…every quest,

…every business with life, with energy, with potential,

When you make it all about them.


The challenge is to serve, solve and delight from a place of genuine personal interest without relying on the experience to complete you.  Be who you are, but can you be a filler rather than a sucker.  That didn’t come out totally the way it was meant, but either way…who would want to be a sucker?

Agree, disagree…need more latte?

Reprinted with permission from personal development and marketing


  1. I love this! So many people do not realize it really is not ALL ABOUT THEM! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. AGREE So true! I get it….wish a million other did!!!!! No, its NOT all about YOU!

  3. Ellen Hurley says

    loving this also just what i needed right now i dident realise i was such a suker just for today i will try to be a filler every whear i go and to every one i meet thanks

  4. It has taken me many years to realize the earth, moon, and sun do not revolve around Spencer. The day I realized this truth was the day my “ah ha” light came on. I found giving is the key to happiness. Giving is the key to real honest success. I found dumbing yourself down to lift others is what help that person shine and in return they are attracted to you like two magnets to each other. May the world learn that happiness is about giving first and receiving second.

  5. It is difficult when a new person enters the office scene with NO experience and wants to control it all. All we hear is I, I, and I —-What do we do to handle I, I, and I. We have tried and with NO success. LOL Spencer said it best

  6. Just like the best way to feel good about your self is to help some one less fortunate than you out.
    And in business, focus on the benefits not the features.
    Both statements in this post are true. And its healthy to focus on the ‘you fill’ factor. Plus, you make someone’s day great.

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