William Shatner on aging

A couple weeks back, I wrote about aging gracefully.  Today I was reading an interview with William Shatner, and some of what he says resonates, so I thought I would share these three Q&As from the interview.

Q: Do you ever see yourself retiring?

A: Yes, as I slowly draw my last breath–not the shallow ones, where you’re panting and unconscious, but the deep one, where you say, “My God, I’m dying”–I’ll retire.

Q:It was your 77th birthday a few weeks ago.  How did you celebrate?

A: I took one jump in the air and realized I could still do it.

Q: What’s the best thing about getting older?

A: Marveling that the passion’s still there.  And the worst is discovering that on occasion, it’s not.

So keep that passion burning, and you need never grow old…at least not until it’s time to retire.  Then, you can start life all over again and follow a new passion if that’s what you would like.  Just like Shatner, you can explore new frontiers where no-one has gone before.


  1. I adore William Shatner. He cracks me up. His attitude is admirable.

  2. Keep the passion burning… sounds to be not too difficult task, but when it comes to reality it is more than difficult until you don’t have your entire life reconsidered and point of view and the way you think – totally changed. If you are “full and complete” age doesn’t matter at all.

  3. Shatner is one of those guys that get better as they get older. I was never a fan of Captain Kirk, but his later work just amazes me. Just like Shawn Connery, Shatner is a legend in my book.

  4. I am all for keeping our passions alive.

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