Wild Rosemary Ledum Palustre and Homeopathy

This is a post sponsored by The Vitamin Shoppe and written by our friend Debby Bruck.

The homeopathic remedy of wild rosemary or marsh tea, called Ledum palustre in the Ericaceae family, has been used to deter disease transmission, act as a relief agent or a protective spray in the garden or as a pet flea repellent for hundreds of years. The Vitamin Shoppe carries the form of Ledum, which has gone through a dilution and potentization process transforming it to a powerful immune stimulant.

herbsWobbley Picklet reminds us not to confuse Ledum with our common garden rosemary plant, as Ledum palustre falls into a species of rhododendron and John Henry Clarke tells us the proper part of plant to make the mother stock comes from “tincture of dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins or tincture of whole fresh plant.” Homeopathic Ledum has been documented to heal puncture wounds, sores from dental injections, vaccine site inflammation, skin injuries, surgical sutures, splinters, punctures from stepping on a nail, infections from scratches and other trauma to the skin.

Documentation reveals that Ledum has been given to protect against tetanus when toxins enter the skin through a puncture wound and get trapped in a warm moist environment. Consider Ledum for spider bites and even scorpion sting.

Animals easily accept a spritz of Ledum out of a spray bottle, giving some relief from itchy fleabites and sensitive skin; an application to bedding areas and carpet might be helpful.

Mosquito and other insect bites resemble a toxic puncture wound. For persons living in the northeast and upper Midwest region of the United States, the vector borne Lyme disease may seriously cause havoc with a person’s ability to function.

Dressing with proper attire to cover areas to protect against insect exposure, checking the body and hair thoroughly, and carefully removing ticks will lessen the likelihood for Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other tick borne infections. Don’t forget to check pets and yard for infestation, as well.

Potentially, a blood titer level can be checked before and after giving Ledum to show efficacy against Lyme disease.

As Lyme disease progresses through its stages, from inflammation, arthritic stiffness, neurological headaches, heart and breathing difficulty, we can see a more complete picture of symptoms that Ledum may cover. Other treatments or homeopathic remedies may be required after infection. Please check with your physician.

For acute issues, The Vitamin Shoppe carries a few brands of Ledum palustre. When a person has a chronic or hereditary condition, like arthritis, a person needs to contact a professional homeopath experienced in finding an appropriate matching energy remedy based upon the founding principles. The homeopath will provide instructions and education on posology to understand the “minimum” dose. The homeopath will take a full case, including family propensity to organ weakness and disease. Just a small stimulus from the correct homeopathic remedy will last a longtime for self-healing to begin. A person will notice symptoms coming out either in more intensity for a short period of time, or possibly a return of symptoms from previous trauma points in life.

If you find that after a puncture wound, there is little bleeding, but noticeable pain, puffiness and the area feels cold, turns pale in color think of ledum. Coldness in general is a good clue; coldness to touch, cold feeling in the body, and cold extremities with a hot head.  We might see throbbing similar to belladonna. Even though a pale color may present, with the infection, comes bloating, edema, and purple color running down the legs. Strangely, even though feeling cold the only relief comes from plunging limbs into icy cold water. Compare the symptom picture of ledum to Hypericum, which includes nerve damage, to arnica for tissue bruising, to calendula for laceration wounds, to Pulsatilla that also gets relief from icy water, and to Formica rufa for gouty knees. Surprisingly, Ledum has claims to relieve the effects of alcoholism with a desire for whiskey. Therefore, you may see the broad coverage of this homeopathic remedy, Ledum palustre.

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