Why You Should Take Fat Seriously

If you have never thought about the fat and sugar content of all those prepared foods you eat – not just ice cream and chips, but cold cuts, crackers, energy bars and other “normal” (but unnatural) foods – here is one good reason to start reading the nutrition labels.


You wouldn’t purposefully crash your car, would you? Now look again at the chart. You wouldn’t purposefully eat more calories than you burn off, would you?


  1. This is a GREAT wake up. I wish everyone could see this!! Also makes me rethink alcohol too 🙂

  2. I believe moderation is the key!!

  3. We are all going to die anyway.

  4. Definitely an odd way to make people feel good about themselves, you seemed to have strayed from the norm today. I also don’t find these statistics to be accurate. However, the poin reasont still rings true, there is a reason they call it an obesity epidemic. Although recent studies are showing that being a little over weight will actually lead to a longer life.With moderation of course.

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