Value of a smile


A smile is worth a thousand words.

I know, I know. You heard that is was a picture that is worth a thousand words. Well when I tweeted this though (posted at ), one of my followers replied “does this mean a picture of a smile is worth 2000 words?”

Cute. But arithmetic aside, that is not the point. A smile is a picture, but not just an ordinary picture you can snap with a camera. A smile says so many things.

It says, “I’m happy”.

It says “You’re OK”.

It says “I like you”.

It says “Don’t worry”.

It says….well, I’m not going to let this post go on for 1000 words. A smile can mean almost anything, but most of all it is an invitation to explore its meaningWhy not hop on over to Twitter and tell me what else you think a smile says? Just type in @amabaie and say your piece.

Taken from today’s Daily Dose of Happiness


  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to align with both you and your follower to say yes, a smile is worth more than a thousand words in today’s environment. And that a picture of a smile is worth even more as it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    So…I’m smiling and with any good fortune, I’m creating more of that “good stuff” in every minute!

  2. Here’s an interesting thing… even a fake smile can make you feel better! And usually others around you as well. Such power! Thanks for the post and the reminder.


  3. @Elisabeth In fact, that’s one of the tips in my book, Climb Your Stairway to heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness. (Page 201, second edition).

    The muscles involved in smiling change the blood flow to certain parts of the brain, making us feel happier. Smiling is a drug-free high.

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