Tweet for better self-esteem

There is another excuse – oops, I mean another “reason” – why you should spend some time on Twitter or Digg or FaceBook or MySpace.

A recent study of 268 Michigan State University students reveals that those who use have higher self-esteem than students who don’t because they keep in closer touch with their friends.

Not surprisingly, the benefits of social media participation were most pronounced for thsoe who experience low self-esteem.  Social media gives them a means of entering into more productive interactions than they sometimes encounter in real life.  In fact, it allows them to easily make friends.

Does that mean that virtual friendships should take the place of real friendships?  Not at all.  But a healthy dose of virtual socialization makes a great supplement for people who are not already overly socially extended in real life.  In fact, it’s ideal for people like me who work from home.  But before heading out to Twitter or FaceBook or Digg, you might want to read this work-from-home fasion Q&A.  After all, you don’t want to meet new friends on Twitter wearing the wrong pattern pajamas, do you?

You can read the complete report on social media and self-esteem at .

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  1. Hey there!

    I found your blog very timely, as I recommended to a socially isolated client just this week, that he join an online community to practice social skills.

    I, like your good self, find myself working from home in long stretches, and have realized the benefits of
    reaching out to the world through online networks.

    I wish you a Happy Life.

  2. Hmm… about those with low self esteem… couldn’t the virtual substitutes help prevent those who have difficulty relating to people from forming real face to face friendships? It seems to me that unless the person is physically disabled or maybe lives in a rural area, social networking sites would be healthiest for those who are already sociable and might actually be a kind of habit forming candy for those who isolate themselves from others because of mental health issues.

  3. I’d never before looked at online social sites as a way one could use to improve their self confidence. Come to think of it thought it makes a lot of sense. I will recommend this to the visitors of my site as well.

  4. To me it’s kind a disease, I just CAN´T stay a day without theses things… sad but true

  5. I think most of this type of research shouldn’t be taken very seriously. If you honestly feel good using social media, then you probably should. But not too much, the same thing accounts for all things in life..

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