Truth and vision

“Your neighbor’s vision is as true for him as your own vision is true for you.”

In these few words, Miguel de Unamuno makes us think a bit about our natural self-righteousness. We tend to think that our visions are “truth”.

Truth is that when a rock hits your head, the skull cracks open. Vision is that hitting a rock against a head is wrong, because it is killing.

Yes, read that again. That is vision, not truth. In fact, most people accept that killing is right in some instances. Such as killing fellow creatures to eat them. Or killing tyrants who torture or kill others. We kill in war and sometimes as punishment. Some people agree with these actions; some disagree. That is because people have different visions.  But the truth is not what is different, just the interpretation of the truth and the opinions of it.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s visions, but if we want to get along without a whole lot more killing, it sure would help if we respected other people’s visions a little more than we do now.  Well, except perhaps the vision that it is a good idea to go around killing people.


  1. Not sure if my last post made it. So I’ll just say I completely agree with the sentiment that it is very important that we are more tolerant of the understanding and beliefs of others. It is really easy to be shut-up in the confines of our own little world that we cannot see the light of another.

  2. The great thing about the human condition is that we are all individuals. We think and act differently. You are right on with your sentiments. Treat others as you would like to be treated and try to see it from their point of view before passing and judgment.

  3. I agree with this post 100%. I used to be the kind of person that if things were not done my way or if people didn’t agree with me I have very little tolerance to them. I have come a long way since them. After having a very hard life learning experience, and having all kinds of people helping me and supporting me, I definitively can tell that there is real light in most of us. When there are situations or people who I can’t understand, I ask for an understanding heart.

  4. But don’t you think you have to draw the line somewhere?

  5. The basic problem of mutual relations between people is their nonsense!
    If people read more books, instead of review this boring television aether probably and violence was less. That most concerns education of children.
    It is not necessary to rely, that the school will bring up – it is necessary to participate in this process. Otherwise to wait for a trouble…

  6. If we trust in the good intention of the other opinion, we are more likely to respect it.

  7. As you get older you realize that your “truth” is often not the truth. I find myself buried in hypocracy all the


  8. Truth is about knowing what God has said concerning you or a thing and reaching to get it. Vision is setting your gaze on what has been shown you, it could be an idea, dream or an inspiration. As you focus your attention on it over time, you are made already by achieving your vision in life.


  9. Truth in the world of form is equivalent to opinion and personal experiences. Because I experience something it become true for me. However my truth is different then someone else truth become we don’t share the same experiences. In the other hand, when we talk about truth is the spiritual sense we are talking about universal truth that are the same for all regardless of our beliefs and experiences. These truths are eternal. Let us take the Law of Attraction as an example. It does not matter that you believe in it or not you life is a reflection of the way you use that law consciously or unconsciously. The law of gravity is another example of a truth. If you jump from a building you are going to hit the ground that you believe in that law or not. This is what I call truths. Something that affects us all the same way no matter what we believe.

  10. Truth and vision are important to everyone- however, people are subjective and one person’s idea may differ greatly from another. The concept of fairness is also a deeply subjective one, if you feel you are being treated unfairly- look at what the other party may see that justifies this behavior, it doesn’t mean you have to let this behavior continue, just try to see it from their perspective so that you don’t get into victim mentality.

  11. The reason one person truth is different than another is become truth is based on everyone past experience and what everyone considers as real. However, we often get confused with what we called real because we assume that if it is real for us, it must also be the real for others, which is not the case at all. Pursuant to my views I don’t agree or disagree anymore with people I know when they share their truth with me. I silently say to myself this is their truth not mine. Therefore, I avoid an argument and I get along with everyone.

  12. I once heard that Reality is what actually exhists in the world, including the momentm for it’s continuing consiquenses. Truth is what you think about that. And vision is seeing what energy you can bring to vector that momentom in what you think would be the preferred direction according to your perceptions of the truth.

  13. I have come a long way since them. After having a very hard life learning experience, and having all kinds of people helping me and supporting me, I definitively can tell that there is real light in most of us.thanks..

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