The Purpose of Regret

I love this quote by George Eliot:

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

As we get older, regret starts becoming a more frequent emotion. And although we sometimes regret things we have done, it is more those things we have not done that we regret the most (yes, there have been studies that show this is true).

What might you have been? A scholar? A hero? A concert pianist?

What might you have done?  Gotten a university diploma?  Traveled around the world? Given more to charity?

Whatever it is, it is never too late to be that person, to do what you wish you had done — to live that dream.  That is the purpose of regret.  My mother went back to school and earned a university degree – graduating with my youngest brother!

Go out and live that dream now, because regrets of the past are useless if they don’t propel you to a better future.


  1. I can understand feelings of regret, but I really don’t do that. I did come face to face with my mortality when I had to have a tooth pulled last week. What I regretted was that I disappointed my deceased daddy who told me to do my best to save all my teeth. I’m a little bummed, but now that I can chew Oreo cookies, I’m getting over it. What might I have been? I don’t know. I think I did what I was supposed to–right or wrong. I was where I was supposed to be. I am who and where I am supposed to be now, except I’m missing a tooth.

  2. Yup exactly that’s the concept of regret.But all of you my dear friends I just want to say that how it is possible in such country where you have no safety for your life. Daily I wake up in the morning and think of peaceful and happy day, but reality show us here some thing different. We are facing lot of challenges in our country Pakistan.I wish to live life like people do in Canada, USA, and other peaceful countries.As a minority we are not safe here.I wish to go to Canada and to live peacefully with my Mom.I am student but every day I feel worry about my life.We haven’t any bright future here.I just need to go away from here with my Mom.
    To live happy. the very basic thing is secure life. when you feel secure then you can do what you want.I have not enough amount to go western countries specially Canada.I submit my tuition fees hardly.Some times I face too much difficulties in paying fees.
    My dear friends if you have any good ideas so please help me.I love Peace and Happy life but I am far away from both these two fundamental needs.
    God bless YOU all who love and live in PEACE and HARMONY.

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