It’s not like it’s the end of the world

OK, the word is officially in.  The world did not end today.  I have this from a reliable source.  He tells me not to worry if you didn’t rapture; it’s not the end of the world.

You will hear many other prophecies, and many of them will even come true.  In fact, the world will end some day, whether there are any humans around to witness it or not.  But I suggest you don’t worry too much about specific dates, because it is unlikely that any of us can predict with that kind of precision.  If we could, imagine how much more useful weather forecasts would be.  When we carry an umbrella, it might even rain.  And when we leave our umbrella behind, it might not.

There are plenty of things you can worry about, things you can actually change, things where you can make a difference.  Worry about those instead — but don’t just sit around worrying.  Do.  Something.  Make a difference.  Change the bad that might have been into the good that can be.

And now that the end of the world failed to make its scheduled appearance, that might just be what this guy will have to do…


Reader question: would you paint your car up like that if you knew it was the end of the world anyway?