Spare a smile?

The wonderful thing about a smile is that you always have an extra to spare. Because as soon as you give it away…Presto! You have another one just waiting to be shared.

One of the four categories of this blog is frugal. That’s all about saving money, living simply without the need for very expensive tastes.

Being frugal with money is one thing. Being frugal with smiles is quite another. For most of us, money is a limited resource.  Being frugal means allocating limited funds where they are most needed, rather than being frivolous with it.

Tweet this quote: “Smiles are the ultimate renewable resource. Don’t be stingy with them.

But smiles are not limited.  They are the ultimate renewable resource.  No matter how many smiles you give away, you will always have as many as you started with.  In fact, you’ll have more, because every smile you share will get you at least one smile shared back, if not dozens.  Loaves and fishes are all very well I suppose, but a smile replenishes itself just as well and it won’t go stale by tomorrow.

Spare a smile


The man in this photo, snapped on Queen Street in Toronto, asks us whether we are willing to spare a smile.

Children spare a smile.  You can too!

Children smile a lot.  They will smile for almost any reason, and for no reason at all.  Adults don’t smile nearly as much.  Why?

Smiles open doors.  Do adults not need any doors opened for them?

Smiles make friends.  Do adults not want friends?

Smiles reduce stress.  Do adults like stress?

In fact, the only stress reliever in shorter supply among adults than smiling is laughter.  Yes, that most amazing, all-natural stress reliever that adults seem to find so hard to embrace.

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But laughter is smiling.  It’s smiling big and wide.  Did you know that in Spanish the word for smile is “sonreír” and the word for laughter is “reír”?  In French, the word for smile is “sourire” and the word for laughter is “rire”.  Coincidence?  I think not.

We have both laughter and smiles in endless abundance.  There is no reason to be stingy with them.  Share as many smiles as you can.  Laugh as often as possible.  Watch how your life improves the more often you spare a smile.

* Photo credit, with permission: Sam Javanrouh




The Happiness Poem

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile, Then my face would always dress in style.

Everybody loves happiness.  And everybody loves poems.  OK, but some people love poems.  Today, we combine the two in a short happiness poem to help inspire those readers who do love poems.

happiness poemThe Happiness Poem

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile,
Then my face would always dress in style.

If my ears could hear my computer screen,
From one to another, they, too, would grin.

My keyboard types for my eyes not my tongue
This happiness poem will never be sung.

But what of my eyes?  Don’t they shine?
Yes, but not from this poem of mine.

The pen is mightier than the sword,
But a pen can write only words.

The feelings I sense and the senses I feel
For keyboard and screen remain far too real.

My ears and my nose remain at rest.
My cheeks and hairline are doing their best.

But if this happiness poem could make my mouth smile,
My face would forever dress up in style.

Your face can dress up in style, too.  All it needs is a smile.  Put away the blush and the lipstick and the mascara and the liner.  The only makeup that will dress your face in style is a smile.  For without a smile, all the other forms of makeup are just…paint.

Here is another happiness poem of sorts.



Smile or Go Naked

If the title made you think post is more exciting than most…you’re right. Because a song and dance is always exciting.

In one of my my girls’ dance classes, they are rehearsing some of the numbers form Annie, the musical.  The other day, one of them was playing some of the music, and I heard for the first time one of the songs they are NOT dancing to: You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Who cares what they’re wearing
On Main Street,
Or Saville Row,
It’s what you wear from ear to ear
And not from head to toe
(That matters)

So, Senator,
So, Janitor,
So long for a while
You’re never fully dressed
Without a smile!

Annie is a pretty popular musical, so I know many of our readers will be familiar with this one, but it is a wonderfully upbeat song to enjoy one more time. And if you are like me and have never seen Annie, I hope you will enjoy this for the first time.


Why Not Smile?

How does happiness affect the life of an individual? Happiness is the greatest feeling that everyone wants to feel each day. Are you confused on the techniques on how to share happiness with everyone? Well then, this article might help you.

SMILE! A simple act, but sometimes hard to give. When people are feeling joy and happiness, SMILE is present. Laughter follows within. Imagine the world when people are happy everyday. Chaos, sadness, sorrows, anger and other negative feelings surely have no place. One technique which is surely effective is having a sense of humor. A very simple, inexpensive and easy way. Crack some jokes, share fun stories and have fun. Anywhere is a good venue for it.

Problems are always part of every life and there is no way to avoid them. No matter what lifestyle or life status is, problems are always there. Every man or woman, single or married, child or adult, rich or poor, nobody is exempted from it. The best means to overcome problems is through great happiness without a cost.

No matter how tired and heavy feeling each person has, a simple joke and fun can take it away. Sharing jokes in a group of friends could possibly reduce the feeling of sadness, worry and sorrows too. Tell them happy stories or even share a comedy story. Let them share their own happy stories too. Create a topic and let everyone have a panel of comedy discussion. Facial expressions are also very useful. Be a joker or clown of the day. Have a passion to it. Sneak even a little time from them and surely they will never regret spending their little time cracking jokes and sharing happy stories in life. In fact they would forget the time and would never want to stop it. Seeing their faces with a big smile and laughter is the best gift each can give and share. And surely they will never want to miss a day without it. They would even remember it when they go home and sleep. It will continuously flash back in front of their happy faces, ending their day with a smile.

Family, friends and everyone is invited. These people are very important for it is them should be shared and not just for oneself. These people might have different trials encountered in life and the smile is surely what they have been waiting for. Show to them that no matter how hard the life is, be confident and tell them your secret to it. Smile! Live life to the fullest and never let the day pass without a simple smile. And surely everything follows.

About Author: This article is written by Sarah Hoekstra, who also writes for, a site featuring various reviews and tips on free computer clean up.