Makeovers – You Can Make Over Anything

Whether it’s about your look or your life, your relationships or your career, if you are thinking of a major overhaul, this should inspire you. Behold this extreme – and extremely beautiful – home makeover.

If you think that there is anything so beyond hope that it can’t be refurbished, Barbie and Ken beg to differ.

The pictures below give you some idea of the North Dakota house that Heather Benning remade into a life-size doll house in the Barbie style. Yes, quite amazing. And if this makeover can be done with an old tear-me-down house, imagine what you could do with yourself, your career, your relationships – whatever you want to make over.

Here are a couple before and after pics, but for the full story, go here.


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Home Decorating Made Easy

Home Decor BooksOK, so maybe you are not up to making such a drastic overhaul of your living space. But get a copy of the Home Decorating Made Easy manual and you can do some pretty amazing things to upgrade your own home right now..

What will be your legacy?

What legacy do you want to leave behind? I know, the cat needs feeding (we have two kittens), the house is a mess (still? again? it gets hard to keep track) and there’s a show you want to watch. Daily life is so full that we don’t often step back to see if we are even heading in the direction we want to go in.

Take a moment today to think about how you want to be remembered. Then think about your day’s agenda. Have you scheduled time to do things that will help you achieve that legacy?

Nobody will remember you for having fed the cat. Nobody will remember you for your clean house. Nobody will remember you for what you watched.

They will remember you for the love you spread and the good deeds you did. What will you do to be remembered?