Warren Buffet talks about friendship

Financial icon Warren Buffet talks about life, success and most of all… friendship.

Those Maclean’s Interviews certainly can be enlightening.  Here is an excerpt from a recent interview with the famous investment guru, Warren Buffet.

best friends, horse and dog

Q: And personal relationships, you’ve had great ones in your life.

A: Yeah, I’ve been very lucky. 

Q: …your family, your kids, closest associates.  Is that, again, something that you’ve had to work especially hard on, or have you been just lucky. 

A: No, that flows, basically, and you’re lucky.  And of course I’ve got 77 years so you make more friends as life goes along.  I was just at a group of 41 of them last week; we meet every couple of years.  If you’ve got great friends you’re not going to be an unhappy guy. 

Friendship is indeed a key ingredient to happiness and success.  Support, social interaction, a sense of belonging. Human beings like you and me are social animals.  We live in family units, and live in tribes. 

In the old days, we lived in just a single tribe, all together.  Today, we still live in tribes, just not in a single, exclusive tribe.  We call them neighbourhoods, workplaces, church communities, teams, etc.  Overlapping tribes of multiple different types of people and types of relationships.

And though we might want our own “me time”, we also need each other and each other’s support.