Be a Volunteer

When was the last time you volunteered? Some people help out a local charity. Some get involved with a service club. Some people help clean up the environment or strengthen the community or provide a warm face to those in need of comfort.

It’s about community spirit, giving back – just being an all-round good person.

And there is nothing that feels so good and makes a person feel so fulfilled as knowing that she is making a difference in the world.

Before I was balancing two active kids, I volunteered at my local food bank. It did not take all that much of my time (not as much as it should have, at least), but I never missed a scheduled time, despite a hectic schedule even before kids.

You see, it is not so important how much we contribute, but it is very important that we do.

In a few years, my life will change all over again – and I will return to volunteering more frequently.