Social Networking for Self-help

I received an email from Jonathan Cunningham of Let’s Reflect, a social networking website for self help and personal growth.  I was intrigued by this, so I asked for more explanation.  I can’t tell it any better than he does, so here it is in his own words…

To try and sum everything up in as few words as possible….all members have their own blog and thread(forum) connected to their Profile page. The thread provides an area to communicate with your friends and guest. The blog is great for keeping the community updated on your progress…or whatever you want to talk about on your soap box. 😉

(Both the blog and thread are located on the orange toolbar of your Profile page)

There is also a community forum for the website where members go to introduce themselves, talk about current events, or there is a “general” section where they can talk about anything.

My intent with the threads, blogs, and Profile page’s is to make great content sustainable.

Another cool thing is if you come across a great “Reflections” page, you can give it a “Thumbs UP” or “Favorite” it. This allows Users to gain status. When you favorite someone, their avatar is added to a frame on your Profile page titled “Favorite Reflectors”. Basically this section provides quick access to all your friends and other inspirational Reflectors that you want to follow.

(These are located on the orange toolbar of you profile page as well)

There is also a great search function built into the website. You have the option to search by…

1. Location

2. User Name

3. or Keywords

I really like the key words search. You can pin key words to your Profile page so that like minded Reflectors can find you. For instance, these are some of mine…parenting, leadership, success, marriage, sports, coaching…etc

Another cool thing is that you can completely customize/personalize your Profile page. You pick a cool avatar, set a great background image, and select whatever font color you want. It gives us a peak into your personality. 😉

If you decide to join and participate, I would be interested in hearing about your experienced.  Feel free to bookmark this post and return in 3 – 6 – 9 or however many months you wish to report on if/how Let’s reflect has helped you.


  1. If you decide to come check out….be sure to come check out my profile. My screen name is TheFlagShip

    Have a Great Day! 😉

  2. The self growth site is a great resource to connection with others.

  3. Yes ofcourse a great platform to communicate with your friends! Thanks for putting it forward!

  4. Wow… that’s a fantastic idea. I think it makes alot of sense for people who wants to improve themselves to come together and share their experiences and help one other grow!

    I’ll definitely be making a visit at!


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