Random thoughts about smiles

Want to improve your face value? Smile more often. Here are four thoughts about smiles, just in case you need motivation to smile a little more often.  read them.  Enjoy them.  You can even smile at them, if you wish.

When they say someone was “wearing nothing but a smile”, that might be bad news for garment manufacturers, but it is wonderful news for humanity. A smile is the most important thing a person can wear. It is somewhat ironic that so many more people wear clothes than wear smiles. Perhaps we have misplaced priorities.

Be your own florist. You know how flowers brighten up a room? Just like a smile? In fact, flowers also brighten up people’s faces…causing them to smile more, too.

Want to brighten up a room? Smile more, and you will be your own florist.

Smiling Poem
Don’t cry when something is over
Don’t cry for the loss.
Smile because it happened,
Smile for what once was.

If you ever doubted the power of a smile, see this testimony as how much easier it is to make a sale when you smile:

But smiling is not just for making sales.  If a smile can make a sale, imagine how good it can be at making a friend.


  1. Great post! I just wanted to add the fact that smiling releases endorphins in your brain and the result is that you feel better.

    So go ahead and smile!



  2. Awesome post..
    It seems that smile is a small thing but actually plays a vital role in our day to day life. The poem is cool. I like it.

    Have a smiley day ahead 🙂

  3. As short and sweet as this post is, it actually made me smile =D I agree with Terry, the simple act of smiling will lift ones spirits. And if you spread your smile, it will lift other people’s spirits. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    I’ve read about Laughter Day in New York. And it’s was the most fun thing I’ve ever seen. If you could spread more than a smile, spreading laughter around is even better. To learn how laughter affects our brain, click here: http://budurl.com/k772

    Smile! Laugh! Be Happy!

  4. When I first started to work in a customer care department, answering phone calls, i had a trainer who told me that a smile can be felt over the phone… At first I’ve said what a crap! But in time i realized that when I smiled people were more calm when telling their problem. So, smile even when talking on the phone!

  5. @Jenny yeah, isn’t smiles amazing that you can feel it even when you’re on the phone. I agree, people are more agreeable to talk to/work with if they smile a lot.

  6. Love, love, love this! I reward people with gold stars every day, mostly for their smiles! Smiles make me smile, they light up my day, make everything better. With the lifting of cheeks comes the lifting of spirits…and you are SO right about not looking back and getting caught up in loss. So good to reflect on things past with a smile:) Gold star for you and your happy-making blog!

    Steph goldstar4trying.com

  7. So very true. The world would be so much better if everyone would replace all or at least some of the negative emotions with a simple smile. It’s like a yawn because it can be contagious. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Love the quote! It is so true–wearing a smile undoubtedly makes you happier…as with flowers. I always make sure to spruce up my living space with red roses, white orchids, and other beauties. They make me smile ;]

  9. I wish more people would smile. I know things are rough now in our economy, but sharing a smile is one way to make things better. You feel better when you smile.

  10. I just, this very day, made a very conscious intention:

    Whenever I’m at a party or event, my goal is to help everybody in the room smile! And if they already are, then better and more awesome smiles! 🙂

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post, and yes, it did bring a smile to my face. No-one is more beautiful than when they smile, and this was a good reminder.

  12. Thanks for this wonderful post. Actually, the strange yet wonderful thing about smiling, is that even if you just do it regardless of you are feeling, it manages to lift your mood eventually that what was just a faked smile eventually becomes a real one.

  13. You are so right about smiles. They go along way. I like they way you compare it to clothing and you are so right. One can have that perfect outfit on, but if your not wearing a smile it means nothing. The smile just complete everything.

  14. So true!It’s amazing how a simple smile can makes us feel better. A smile is an indication of being happy life as well as being positive. Life is too short so live, laugh and keep smiling!

  15. yeah, it’s great post. The power of Smile, brighten up people around us, yeah!
    Thanks for it~

  16. You made my day! I have an Atlanta Florist, and my team’s tag line is “We Deliver Smiles!” Glad to know we’re not alone. Thanks for sharing.

  17. A smile is indeed such a wonderful thing, and the beauty is that smiling makes us feel great as well as spreading the joy. Nice post 🙂

  18. I forget who said it…I think it was Brain Tracy but “the first thing that a person looks for when they meet another is whether or not they smile, if there is no smile then there is really no deeper communication possible between the two of them”.

    As a test, just smile when you meet the clerks at the gas station or at the store…and ask them “how’s it going?” then gauge that against meeting different clerks and asking the same question without smiling beforehand.

    Make conversation while you’re out, what’s it going to hurt? Smile when you meet someone and relax, nothing bad’s going to happen either way, but a smile paves the way for a deeper relationship and a more fulfilling day for yourself.

  19. Even if you don’t feel like it: smile – it makes you happier!

    Terry Drake commented on it already above “smiling releases endorphins in your brain” and it is true.
    I always do this: stand in front of the mirror and grins for up to 5 minutes. I try to really work those “smiley-muscles”. After this I feel happier! Not sure though if it’s because of the endorphins or because it is so ridiculous 😀

    Of course it is easier to just randomly smile at strangers and share your happiness, but the above trick works for a small quick dose of happiness!

  20. I try to smile as often as I can. It makes me feel better and I feel like people are more polite to me.

  21. It’s amazing, I smile at work all the time and people always ask me why I’m smiling so much. I simply tell them, “Because I enjoy my life.”

  22. I love to smile! When I answer the phone I try to make sure I am smiling so the person on the other end feels the smile coming through!

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