Poetic Happiness

This poetic guest post is from Rodrigo Silva

HumanKind searches for happiness on things they can see and touch
when in fact happiness can´t be seen and is untouchable
and because of that , it can be stable and endless
but instead people have been building up illusions and putting their hopes on things that can end tomorrow .


if there´s one thing I learned , is that life will always find news ways to try to bring us down and make us feel hopeless and without strength
but I also learned that it´s from the most difficult obstacles , the hardest disappointments and the biggest problems that we can get a wide range of knowledge and courage ……
but if they´re not put into action , they become empty and so does hopes
wisdom is way more than only knowing , it´s about acting
strength is way more than having the courage , it´s about battling .


As unbelievable as it may seem to some people
peace can be achieved
but not without battling , running away only makes the emotions that destroy our chances of being happy  grow bigger and stronger while we get weaker , because happiness isn´t about having everything good in life , it´s about turning the bad things that appear on the way into opportunities to get the best we can from them , we should get  our wisdom and strength from them , instead of them feeding on our weakness and lack of faith .

There´s a wonderful world that can be built within
that can´t be destroyed by anything
but it must be built based on the things that really matter
the ones we can´t see or touch
but would get ourselves and our lives from the bottom to the top .

Rodrigo’s biography :

I´m a person who learned from my mistakes ,
built up strength during hard times
and found happiness where once was dark and void
Life was doing everything to make me stay on the darkest bottom
but I rose up and found light .

my blog is called Land of Glory : http://www.journeytoyourendless.blogspot.com

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