Pamper Yourself

OK, time to pamper yourself. I mean, if you’ve been working hard to be a better person, to be friendlier and fitter and more generous and more efficient and make whatever improvements you feel you need, take a few moments to pamper yourself. Find something that is in sync with the changes you have made in your life (If you’ve decided to eat healthy from now on, a triple fudge sundae is NOT the right means to pamper yourself).

Pick something that makes you feel special and worthwhile. Perhaps it’s a spa treatment. Perhaps a few hours in a quiet place away from the chaos of kids and the chores of home. It might just be a hot bath with soothing music.  Or it might be cranking up the volume and playing air guitar.  Whatever it is that makes you feel special, do it.

You are special. You have been working hard and making improvements every day. You do deserve it. So go ahead and pamper yourself.  Your self will thank you with all your heart.

From today’s Daily Dose of Happiness.


  1. Pampering yourself is very important and thanks for reminding me. Guess when the day is done I shall relax in the tub with some candles and wine and i won’t forget the music.

    Every day we need to take just a little time for ourselves.

  2. Hey, but it’s not a crime to indulge in triple fudge sundaes every once and a while (okay fine, I’m being a bad influence, I’ll stop). I think this could be a great motivator. After a long stressful day/week/month of work, you need to reward yourself a little something something. Whether it be just lying in bed sleeping all day or a spa day like Debbie wants or go on that dream vacation you’ve been longing to go to… It gives you something to look forward to. Everyone needs a break and now and then.
    Most of the time, it’s just time for this

  3. I totally agree,yesterday i indulged myself and baked fudge brownies,got a new haircut and also got facial done and i feel absolutely great!
    Loved getting dressed today for my work 😀

  4. I definitely agree. It’s all about balance. They say that we should always give credit to others when credit is due. We should use the same philosophy for ourselves as well. Give ourselves pats on the back and rewards for doing things well. This will help motivate ourselves to push onwards for more goals.

  5. I agree and believe you definitely hit on something importatnt. We all need to pamper ourselves from time-to-time, yet we forget to. When we are taking good care of ourselves, then we need to recognize this and reward it!

    I practice this regularly, but we need to be reminded, because it is important to staying healthy and happy!

  6. when i was single, i think i pamper myself too often. but now, after having kids, ive kinda lost that side..i do miss some time alone and pamper myself. sometimes a long bath (30 mins max) is already a big deal.

  7. I strongly agree that “Yes” we need to pamper ourselves once in a while because it’s a way to recharge our selves from stress that we get from working 5 days in a week 8 hours each. For some people what they do is shop, others eat, others go out of town. Whatever it is we need to free ourselves from work and deadlines and just enjoy this will not only make us look better but because this will also help us attain work life balance and be happy workers. Found this is the net helpful to have a balance life style.

  8. QuotesAboutHappiness says

    yeah I am totally agree with Patricks. We should pamper once in a day.

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