Pain Is Our Friend. Really.

Pain is good. We suffer pain because we don’t understand it. And because it hurts (that explains the “suffer” part).

Pain serves a single, dedicated purpose in our lives; it is a warning. We place our hands on a hot stove and the pain makes us remove our hand before too much damage is done (hopefully). Imagine if we could feel no pain. There are some people who can’t. They often cause damage to themselves, and they have to tip-toe through life to avoid damaging themselves even more.  They simply have no warning system.

When a door squeaks, it is calling out for oil. When your elbow hurts, it is calling out for…a doctor?

Perhaps.  Or perhaps to stop making that movement that hurts so much.

Don’t “suffer” your pain. Embrace it. Love it. Listen to it and follow its advice. It is giving you a valuable warning.






  1. Mogere Douglas says

    Hey Happy Guy,
    How spot on regarding our positivity to the pain we suffer! Only by living with our pain do we realise the direction our lives should be taking. Thanks for such insights.

  2. G.Rama Mohanan Nair says

    Even sicknesses are our friends only. They warn us about our wrong ways of life; like too much drinks, improper food habits, doings wrong things and carry guilt feelings etc.
    And when you are terminally ill, what? It is a mental preparation for your near and dear ones and yourself to bid good bye to this world.

  3. This is good advice. Some people like to push through the pain and cause injuries that result in even more pain. I’ve just started doing yoga and the instructor always reminds us to notice the pain and not push through it. Good reminder.

  4. Pain is OK if you can deal with it. Lasting pain is bothersome and if it cannot be surgically dealt with, is very bothering. I have arthritis and sometimes it flairs up and is excruciating.

  5. So should I go smash my hand with a hammer and bang my head against the wall because “pain is my friend”? Should I stay in a painful situation because I enjoy spending time with my friends?

  6. I guess you can call “pain” your “personal advisor”
    Some take their personal advisor to be their friend, in the sense that the personal advisor knows us well and works in our interest.
    Some hate their personal advisor … for saying the inconvenient truth and charging a price!

  7. Good post. I agree for the most part. It is important to recognize the different types of pain when working out. Keep up the good work!

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