Never too old!

Are you too old? Well, that depends…

Are you too old to jump? Are you too old to skip? Are you too old to laugh? Are you too old to sing and dance?

Interesting…what would you think if you saw a grown man or woman skipping down the street? Would you scoff that he/she should know better? Would you wish you could to that, too? Would you do that, too? In fact, would that person be you?

Somewhere along the way, we have been told that a grown-up is supposed to act a certain way, and that acting like a child is inappropriate. perhaps during Her Majesty’s coronation ceremony, it might be inappropriate to skip along, but that is a function of occasion more than of age. You are never too old to feel carefree and act just the way you feel.

As for that person skipping down the street…well, occasionally that would be me, so please don’t scoff, because I don’t want to know better.

I am old enough to know that I should eat my vegetables and that shouting in a confined place will disturb other people.  And I am old enough to do the right thing (like actually eating the vegetables and keeping my mouth closed in such situations).  As for jumping, skipping, laughing, singing (off-key, sorry) and dancing… I never want to be too old!


  1. you are as old as you feel. The irony is if you say you’re old it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. One day we’re all going to die; that’s life. Why not enjoy what you have while you have it. Youth in particular!!!

    Have a great halloween neo!! 😉

  2. I always notice children walking down the street singing made-up songs, and happily shouting unfamiliar words as they please. Then I think, it’s so sad that as we get older, this becomes so unacceptable…what harm would it do to anyone to continue this behavior as an adult? Maybe we stop because we become more aware of how others view us…who knows?

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