It’s all the rage these days: “narge”. What is narge? Well, it just happens to be how both many daughters pronounced “orange” for the first couple years of talking. (OK, one of them is still in those first couple years).

What is so hard about the word “orange”. Even when broken down repeatedly into three sounds – O RAN J – they still can’t pronounce it.

Don’t make assumptions about what anybody can or cannot do. What seems simple to one person might be beyond hope for others.

I do search engine optimization for a living. What do you mean you can’t do it? It’s easy. I’ll bet there are things you do daily that would send me into knots trying to figure out, too. It’s a good thing, too. After all, where would we be if all of us were experts at gardening and none of us were experts at plumbing?

 This inspiration was first published in A Daily Dose of Happiness two years ago.


  1. Love the site. Found a lot of happiness that was always really within me! I made a similar blog but looked at it from a different angle, by using the law of attraction aka The Secret. Life is really easy.

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