Let’s communicate!

In her latest newsletter, Lynda Goldman tells of a trip to LA where she got on a bus expecting a tour of the city…until she started seeing signs for the airport.

“He apologized, and said he always told people that we were on a collector bus to meet our tour. Because he did this every day, he assumed he had told us what we needed to know.  What a bad start to the tour. Instead of being happy passengers, we were all filled with anxiety, not knowing where we were going. ”

I know I am often guilty of this.  Guilty.  Guilty.  Guilty.  It is so important not to assume that other people know what we are thinking.  Why take the chance of creating stress, having to redo things or simply making people feel bad.

Let’s communicate.  Let’s make sure we tell everything there is to tell.  Let’s ask if there are any questions.  Let’s make sure that the messages we think we are sending are in fact the same messages that the listeners are receiving.

After all, it is better to tell someone something two times than forget to tell them even once.

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