Help Someone Else’s Memory


Are you frustrated because someone in your family keeps forgetting things or your information just does not sink in? Well, the more ways you deliver the information, the more likely he or she will remember.

Tell him, so that he hears.

Write it down for him to read.

Send a follow-up email (Yes, intra-home emails!).

Leave a voicemail for her, to remind her.

Show the situation in a way that she can act on what she sees, not just on what you tell her you see.

Ask what he thinks should be done. He will remember the conclusion he draws better than any solution you come up with for him.

If there is anything visual, such as a map or a cartoon or a diagram, draw it.  Use color.  Ask him if there is anything to add, as that will focus his concentration on what he sees.

So, “Honey, don’t forget to pick up milk”, “uh-ha” becomes….

1. Honey, don’t forget to pick up milk.

2. Here’s a reminder note (a drawing of a carton of milk … with a smile on it, perhaps)

3. Come to the fridge. See, there’s just a couple drops left, what do you think we should do?

No need to be frustrated when you can make sure that the forgetful one remembers.  And the more ways you communicate, the less chance he will forget.

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