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If happiness rests on health, health rests on…four pillars.

1. Nutrition. How we choose to fuel our bodies very much effects our health, and certainly as we grow older it makes a difference how mobile and disease-free we feel. If we fill our bodies with sugar and artificial coloring, will that really make us healthy?

2. Fitness. As I watch family and others age, it is clear that nothing affects their mobility more than their level of fitness throughout their lives. It’s never too late to start, and it’s always too early to stop.

3. Stress. If we feel stressed all the time, it takes a toll on our bodies. We can’t always feel relaxed, but we can take control of our stress and just say “no”. Not always easily, but we can do it.

4. Sleep. Boy, am I in trouble. Sleep affects everything else, and I never get enough of it. When we feel fatigued, we tend to eat all the wrong things, skip the workout and create stress with people around us.

All of these are equally important, but we don’t always pay equal attention to each one. How are you doing with your four pillars of health and happiness?  Is there one, or perhaps two, that you really need to work on?



  1. Well…I’ve started my own blog about panic attacks…so, if that tells you how my pillars are doing. I’m hoping that with my blog, I’ll be able to get rid of some of my stress that I’ve kept bottled up inside and maybe release it by writing. I do like to write.

  2. Good sleep can enable you to work productively, make sound judgments, avoid harm, recover from illness, and interact with other people effectively… Sleep may also be instrumental in reinforcing our memories and, some experts believe, essential to processing complex emotions…

  3. Getting a good nights sleep and proper nutritionist is very important. Our bodies need these to handle stresses in are lifes

  4. Fully Agree with your all points!Health is wealth! Thanks for sharing your views about fitness and health!


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