Happiness is slowing down

Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow, was a guest of Christine Louise Hohlbaum at the blog “The Power of Slow”.  Carl offered ten tips on how to slow down the pace of your life.  Here is that top-10 list: 

  1. Downsize your calendar.
  2. Question your inner speed demon.
  3. Take up a slow hobby.
  4. Stop clock-watching.
  5. Rediscover the joys of the table.
  6. Take a walk.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Consider an alternative approach to your health.
  9. Vacation slowly.
  10. Turn it off.

It is comforting to know that I do about half of these, although I am not totally sure that I want to slow down that pace of my life.  I am doing a lot of amazing things and I want to keep doing them.  I would like some things to stop happening – like when a car part goes “Boing!” or when some gadget stops working properly, but I am not sure how to avoid that (other than swearing off machines altogether).

For more details on each of the points listed above, you can read the complete interview here.


  1. I started working at home so I could slow down a little and still make a decent living. Since then mu little grandbaby comes to visit more often, my parents need me more, and my youngest son started college about 100 miles away and I take him there and back twice a week. So much for slowing down, I’m busier than ever! I do get more time for solitude though and it seems to help balance things out.

  2. Interesting post…
    I will agree with number 4) Stop clock-watching =) It´s a really good idea,I realise that i´m doing this much…
    Greetings from Spain!

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