Give Yourself a Gold Star

How is this for a different idea for you? If you sometimes feel like you keep messing things up (yes, I’ve been there), like everything you touch seems to turn to mud, how about giving yourself a gold star?

Yes, a gold star.

Early in school, teachers would reward us kids with gold stars or some other sticker (dolphins, horses, and of course other shiny stars in red, blue and green) as an incentive to motivate us to do better, to improve. Just giving yourself a formal recognition that “I did it!” will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem … and how happy you feel.

You will want to do better to earn more praise and more recognition.

Where to place the gold star? On your “to do” list, as you cross off another item accomplished. In your journal beside each thing you accomplished today. Maybe you know of a better place in your own life.

Give yourself a gold star every time you accomplish something, even something small and mundane. Because accomplishment is never mundane.

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  1. Love this idea! I usually highlight the things I have accomplished on my to do list with a bright colour. Will definitely be drawing some stars in the future 🙂

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