Dying to be happy?

Short blog post today. This little message says it all…please don’t let this happen to you.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful post, i agree 100% with the message. I’m not yet appreciating each moment and day as i should, but i try…

  2. My mom used to say: Take whatever life might lead you into, give your best and count your blessing.
    Cheers to life!

  3. This hits home….my brother died unexpectedly right before Christmas this last year. He was 48….I’m trying very hard to remember that life can end way before you expect it to. He was in great health, we thought, and didn’t look sick at all. He died of a heart attack.

    Just remember, we are only here for a short time and we should enjoy every moment we have.

    Great Article!!!!

  4. It is so important to be fully engaged in the present moment. Most people don’t know how to do this and they constantly distract themselves with the future. The time to live is NOW. Follow your bliss now!

  5. So true! Starting now I’m going to stop thinking about tomorrow and start appreciating today!

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  7. Unfortunately too many people are dying in the pursuit goals which eventually, one day, might lead them to happiness, without realising that they can achieve happiness now, if they simply lived in the moment and went after what they truly wanted, instead of what is safe and easy, or that they’ve been told to do.

  8. Very touching post. Many times, I see my father working and working. He never stops. I just hope he would just stop and focus on the true things in life.

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