Creative ways to choose happiness

I’ll let the video speak for itself…


  1. i saw that video its really amazing .. the way he is telling and teaching everything is really good .its really a cool way to choose happiness .because the world is lacking happiness now days so you have to dinf this by yourself .its such a great post 🙂

  2. I am a firm believer in Positive thinking. It has made a difference for me and its so easy to do. Love the video! Thanks!

  3. This is what happiness is all about. Don’t let the little things get in your way. they are a blessing.


  4. Hi…!!!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us and yes this is really a cool way to choose happiness.

  5. Great video and it is like a comedy bar but doing seminar on choosing happiness. I like the overall setup of it.

    It is really totally cool!

  6. Absolutely correct that there are two sides to every coin. A good bit of advice then might be to put yourself in the vantage point of it being acceptable whichever way the coin falls, even before a judgment of good or bad can be made as it were.

  7. Happiness is your right! You have to take the wheel and make it happen and not wait and hope it will happen on it’s own. Fear, is a major problem that makes being happy hard.

    Happiness is what you make of your life…


  8. We always need to be thankful for our problems. With out them we wouldn’t keep growing as a better person. Actually they really aren’t problems they are situations that need to be taken care of. Great video

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