Count your two-dollar blessings

Look at how many people live on less than $2 per day!  This is incredible.  Imagine living on what would buy you no more than a handful of rice and beans and perhaps a glass of milk.  No clothes.  No shelter.  No vehicle.  Not even Internet access.

OK, that’s not completely true.  Many of these people have makeshift houses they build themselves.  And many of them have access to in-season fruits and vegetables.  And most do have some meager clothing.  But none of them will be reading this — even those who can read — because Internet is not something even within their world.

Do I mention this to make you sad?  No, quite the contrary.  You should feel lucky, blessed, fortunate and generous as a result of the blessings you have.  Enough of the “if only I had…” or “if only I could…” or “I just have to get one of those…”  We are all living in the lap of luxury, even most of those who are labeled “poor” have more than the majority of people living today, and an even greater majority of people living throughout history.

It is so important to count our blessings and so easy to fail to do so.  We usually look only as far as the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  But if we could look inside the accompanying homes, the grass might not seem as green (not that there would be grass inside the homes, but that we would discover a lot of things we would rather not have for ourselves).

But if we look over enough fences, beyond our close neighborhood, we would eventually see the hoards of people scraping by on $2 per day.  Where the grass is not greener because the is no grass.  Can you see that far?  Are you even looking?

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