Climb your mountain

Whatever you wish to do, do it well. Perseverance is the only way to see it through to the end.

A few years ago, I scaled Mount Washington, the highest peak east of the Mississippi.

The last section of the hike was spent trying to find some kind of path over a huge pile of rocks that seemed to have been dumped on top of the mountain from the heavens. We would look ahead and see about 50 yards up before the rocks faded completely into the clouds.

After climbing 50 yards up, we would look up and again see about 50 yards ahead before the rocks faded into the clouds. This continued for 2 hours, but it began to seem endless, like we were trapped in the twilight zone.

And the drizzle didn’t stop all the while.

Only one thing keeps a person going when the road seems endless: perseverance. And there are many roads in life that seem endless. Remember the goal, the reward at the end. Then take a step. Then one more step. And then another. Eventually, if you keep taking steps, you will get there.

By the way, my reward was to get literally blown off my feet by the gusts of wind and hail at the summit (but I clung on to the sign post, so I never actually fell).  But we  did it, and success is sometimes its own reward.

Try reaching for the stars.  It feels great.



  1. Great reminder in life. When things are tough or not going our way, persevere!

  2. Hi. Its nearly 4am where i am and i stumbled upon your site searching for happiness.
    Truth is, im tired. I turned 30 last week sunday but looking at me, you’d think at best 23. I got that going on yea? 🙂

    I started out on a journey January 2010, armed with money for a new business and looking forward to starting a family. 4 years and some change later, the business is in the dumps,ive got no job and no money and my relationship is well…not hot.

    I am not lost. I think i’m unfound. I hope that makes sense. I feel like i’ll never find me again. The harder i try, the lower i go.

    This pursuit of happiness has me smashed on the rocks and i cant find my bones.

  3. Hi there!

    I’m starting on a “Climb Your Mountain” journey of my own and, by chance, tumbled across your blog. These were some great and inspiring words.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. mount washington is a wonderful hike. and it changes all year. great message.

  5. Perseverance is the real deal! What an inspiring post! It reminds me a lot of the chapter for persistence in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”…And of my personal story in life…

    Thanks for sharing this with the world!
    Z. Lukovski

  6. Its sometimes hard to clear your mind of the repetitiveness of it all. Don’t get me wrong I figure most guys are creatures of habit and just function best that way. But sometimes the mind numbness of days, weeks, months, years really makes it hard to focus on the prize. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

  7. Hi David,

    Great and inspiring post buddy and congrats on reaching the summit! did it take you long at all? How high is it btw?

    I remember climbing mount Snowdon in Wales a few years back in my teens and when I was a lot fitter than I am now. I want to do the Three Peaks challenge next! It’s climbing the three highest peaks here in the UK within 24 hours and quite a few have done it already!

    This post reminds me of a great saying ‘slow and Steady wins the long game’.

    Sharing from Birmingham.
    – PD

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