Are You Really Happy?

Being happy and achieving true happiness does not rely upon how much wealth you have, how successful you are and how famous you might be. It can’t even be acquired through money and getting all of the things we want. Perhaps at first, we could get in our mind that we can be happy if we get almost everything that we wanted. But then later on, we realize that these can’t make us happy. We just wanted them, and happiness is not a want but rather it is a need. We don’t want happiness, we simply need it.

For you to be happy, being the real you is all it takes. No one gets true happiness by putting the mask on and getting to play the clown. Instead, just by smiling through the crowd and revealing the real you is how it is being made possible. In order for us to be happy, we must be focused in our goals in life. We must know ourselves. Know the things which makes us happy and then set them up to your ideals. The next thing to do would be to organize your plans in life. Arrange the things you need in the right order so that it would be easy for you to come up with the most important one. The other thing is being a positive thinker. Almost all of us know the power of positive thinking. Make use of it to make yourself happy.

If you are quite discontented with what you are right now, relax, empty your mind and say to yourself, “Am I really happy?” If you think you are not, then start it right away…

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  1. I think that for most people, their unhappiness comes from the lack of success in life. When people feel that they can’t get what they want in life, they often think that they don’t measure up somehow.

    Working towards life goals are very important to achieving a fulfilled and happy existence.

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