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The Wicked Witch of Lido

This is a true story of how I overcame the evil magic of a real witch.

This goes back a while, but I recall how we almost ruined our honeymoon in Venice. My new bride, Chantal, was looking forward to this stop more than any other. Switzerland had been divine. Austria had been wonderful. But Venice was what she was most looking forward to.

We found a lovely pensione in Lido, a picturesque island just across the lagoon from Venice. [Read more…]

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How to save money on car insurance – 18 frugal tips

Can you save money on car insurance? Of course you can. Here are 18 frugal, money-saving tips.

Hot on the heels of our frugal home insurance tips, we look at the other major property insurance that most people have, car insurance.  You will recognize some of these tips, because some of them are similar to the home insurance tips.

But some are very different!  There are some that you can do right now, and others that are part of a longer-term planning strategy. [Read more…]

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