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Leave that unwanted job!

You are not alone. So many other people have found freedom and built flexibility into their lifestyle by working for themselves. You don’t need a “job” to make a living. Lose the job and get a life. Yes, run for your life!

Run from that job!

I am a big fan making the jump.  Too many people stay in the “comfort zone” of a job they hate, wishing they could just get out.  Well, surprise – they can!

I left a job that I liked, but which had some very compelling aspects that I did not like.  As the public spokesperson for CAA Ontario, I needed to be available nearly 24-7 for the media, which among other things meant staying in my 800 square-foot downtown Toronto condo.  That’s not a lot of space for me, my wife, my office and our new baby.

So we made a lifestyle choice to move to the country, which meant quitting that job and making it on our own.  Neither my wife nor I had an ounce of entrepreneurial blood in our veins, but we made that jump.  I called many people I had worked with while in Toronto, and several of them were in awe, saying, “I wish I could leave my job.”

You can.  You just have to decide you want it enough.

Here is a great blog post on the top 10 excuses why people stay in jobs they don’t like:

After all these years, we are still not entrepreneurs.  We are not building our own corporate empire.  But we have survived this far, and actually are living reasonably well, all things considered.  If you are willing to make some sacrifices and work hard, you can make the jump.

And you don’t have to feel all alone, either. In fact, there is plenty of help out there from online business accounting to business writing to freelancers of all kinds.

So you are not alone. You can do it. You can make it. Feel the freedom!


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Motivational messages

What do you think of those slick posters and coffee mugs with motivational messages on them? Good tools? Too commercial?

What about spirit bottles, filled with nothing but air and a small paper with a simple sentiment, such as “love deeply” or “hang in there”? They are less slick, more down-to-earth and less inspiring perhaps. There is a debate on this over at this self confidence blog.

I have a better suggestion. The best motivational message is the one you write to yourself. I am not saying you can’t buy motivation – every sports team, every movie set, every major company knows you can. But outsourcing your motivational messages is not as effective as writing yourself a personal note, one that means something – no, everything! – to you, and placing it where it is most relevant. Depending on the note, that might be in your car, beside your bathroom mirror or even in your toolshed.

No need to spend $20 on a slick motivational message laser targeted to just you and 100,000 people who are obviously exact replicas of you. Especially if your motivational message is about controling your spending. Write your own messages and place them where they count.

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