Nutrition for Happiness

What are the world’s healthiest foods? Here is a good list, well organized to make it simple, and loaded with information for those who want the nitty gritty details.

I ran across this list of the world’s healthiest foods.  Of course, every list is subjective, but I like how this particular list is organized.

If you look carefully, the categories are actually in order. They don’t mix the foods from different categories and try to compare apples with…well…bologna, for example.  For instance, vegetables is the first category, whereas natural sweeteners are at the bottom.  Since half our plates are supposed to be vegetables, this makes sense.  If half our plates were sweeteners, I think I might be sick – very quickly.

And if you click on any of the 129 healthy foods, you get a very detailed explanation of why and how it is healthy.  I was surprised to see spices on the list, thinking they were just flavoring eaten in too small a quantity to really provide much health at all.  But I learned better.  I now know that I need just two teaspoons of cinnamon in my cake to get 10% of my daily intake of iron.  Of course, I would have to eat the whole cake (heh, heh).  But even a little cinnamon added to one’s diet helps with several minerals.

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Of course, the healthier we eat, the happier we feel, so get cooking with fresh, natural, home-made ingredients.

Healthy eating is an art form