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Do you Personalize?

Anybody can outsource their greeting cards or birthday cakes. But what a statement of love it is to labor over these symbols yourself, in person, with your own hands!

Do you buy greeting cards for the people closest to you? Why not make them instead? Oh, sure, you won’t create a work of art or make some witty saying like those store-bought greeting cards. But it’s not for art or wit that you are giving the card, right?

A hand-made card shows that you took the time to do something special for your loved one. Let me repeat that with the right emphasis: A hand-made card shows that YOU took the time to do something special for your loved one.

You wouldn’t outsource your hugs. You wouldn’t outsource your hand shakes. You wouldn’t outsource your kisses or your smiles or your phone calls. These are all personal expressions of your feelings toward other people and they are the very last things you would outsource.

Greeting cards are also supposed to be personal expressions of your affection for somebody else. Don’t outsource your greeting cards to some factory somewhere. Make your own and show that they really do come from the heart. From your heart.

Taken from today’s Daily Dose of Happiness.

Update June 2013: It’s not just the greeting cards. It can be any token of your appreciation, love or esteem for a person. A week ago, we set this cake on fire for our eldest daughter:

Campfire cake - a cake on fire!

It was not the first time we went all-out on cakes. We’ve done castles and waterfalls and once we did the Sorting Hat of Harry Potter fame. But it does not have to be so fancy; it just has to be personal.

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