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Misplaced priorities

I have to admit, I’ll never understand suburbia. I get out of my car and I see perfectly manicured lawns as far as the eye can see. I would understand if one or two people had spent a lot of time on their lawns, perhaps gardening hobbyists, people with a fairly obsessive nature, etc.

But every single lawn is perfectly manicured. All I can wonder is , “Doesn’t anybody here have anything else to do? Does lawn manicuring hold such a high priority in their lives that, with all the competing pressures of modern life, they somehow all find the time to pay this much attention to grass?”

Then one of the neighbors comes out and starts pushing her lawn mower across an already low-cut lawn, somehow managing to cut it even lower. This is a lady with children. Is it just me, or is a huge section of society misplacing their priorities? Remember, your priorities are not what you say they are, but rather how you spend your life.

I have nothing against lawns, please be assured. But I just cannot imagine having that kind of time with nothing more important than grass to attend to.  Of the dozens of things on my to-do list, the lawn is always there and it is almost always at the bottom of the list.  But it’s not just the lawn.  The lawn is one very visible example.  There are other less-important things that many people give lots of time to, as well.

How do you spend your life? What are your priorities?

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