Take a break!

We work long hours and rarely take enough breaks for our own well-being or for our productivity. Let’s explore the types of breaks we should be taking.

For a “leisure society” who has it all (let’s face it, we are spoiled in so many ways), we sure seem to be a bunch of workaholics.

I won’t delve into the psychology of this contradiction. But I will make a plea for taking breaks. [Read more…]

Nap Power

A power nap a couple times a day works wonders for the body and the mind.

Naps give you a break.  While napping, your mind can go blank.  Take a break.  Have a rest.

When you nap, your brain can regenerate, file away information, built links between the thoughts you’ve had.  Make some sort of order and sense of it all.

A nap allows your body also to rest.  If you work a highly physical job, the muscles will love you for it.  If you work a stressful job, a nap is the ideal way to relieve the stress.  Yes, mental stress leads to physical stress, and a nap releases that stress.

When you return to the land of the living, you will be more productive.  Power naps are a productivity tool!  Just be careful not to fall asleep for too long – then you might be sluggish for the rest of the day – hardly productive at all.