Support War Child

I mentioned a while ago that we are supporting the 12 for 12K Challenge, a charitable campaign launched through social media.  Each month in 2009, a new charity will be selected, and we are asking you to consider a small donation ($10, but feel free to give more if the spirit moves you).

The first charity, for January 2009, is War Child.  Why?  There is a good piece where Danny Brown puts the value of $10 in perspective.

Here is a quick overview of the War Child Charity:

…and below is a video of Little Lady and Little Sister protesting against poverty.  In truth, they did this 100% spontaneously the first time, but I did not have a camera handy then.  So this is actually a “re-enactment” video.  Note that the banner reading “PlYSE” is supposed to read “Please” (not bad for a 7-year old learning to write in French), as in PlYSE support the 12 for 12K Challenge.

YouTube is not embedding this correctly, so here is the direct link to the video:

I’ve just sent my $10 donation; why not send yours now?


  1. Your girls are tooooo cute!!! 🙂

    Thank you (and your family) so much for your support, David – you’ve grown to be a good friend in our shared community and I continue to be honoured to know you. 🙂

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